Welcome to ODSA

Our Mission Statement:

To promote and facilitate the practice of amateur sports among Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in Ontario.

Who Are We?:

The Ontario Deaf Sports Association Inc. (ODSA) is a non-profit charitable organization. The Ontario Deaf Sports Association replaced the Ontario Silent Sports Federation (OSSF) by name and in 1983 was incorporated. The ODSA is affiliated with the Canadian Deaf Sports Association (CDSA) on a federal level and also with the Comite International des Sports des Sourds (CISS) at an International level. Currently, ODSA receives their funds from four sources: membership fees, donations, fundraising projects, and grants from Ministry of Health Promotion under Ontario Government, we receive two different funds which are: 1) ACTIVE 2010 Sport Priority Funding and 2) BASE Funding Program. ODSA is accredited by the Ministry of Health Promotion therefore ODSA is responsible to perform in accordance with the Ministry’s Sport Recognition Policy. Ontario Deaf Sports Association is a member of Sports Alliance of Ontario (SAO).

History of ODSA

Since 1940 – 1950, some Deaf local clubs and Deaf churches had been active in sports and leisure games such as picnics, corn roasts, and beach party events in Ontario. At that time, they had not developed a central deaf sports club in Ontario. They participated in any tournaments in the United States where the Deaf club named Central Athletic Association of the Deaf (CAAD) hosted several sports events.

Fifteen years later, in 1964, the Deaf group established a new Deaf sports organization named Western Ontario Athletic Association of the Deaf (WOAAD). WOAAD was affiliated with two Deaf clubs from the west and east. WOAAD was disbanded due to disagreements. The Deaf leader, Dr. Marshall Wick, President of the Ontario Association of the Deaf acted as an Ad-Hoc Committee to organize new “Council” Organization known as OSCOD (Ontario Sports Council of Organizations of the Deaf) to solve the territory of new organization of five regions again in 1966.

In November 1966, former OAD President Dr. Marshall Wick studied Ontario Deaf sports problems and developed an Ontario Sports Council. At a special meeting of the Ontario Sports Council of Organization of the Deaf (OSCOD) was made official in Milton, Ontario. Representatives came from various parts of Ontario. A vote was taken by the majority to elect the Board of Directors. The first officers were Harold Bradley as President, William Mayfield as Vice President, and Gilbert Lillie as Secretary/Treasurer. Later, Mr. Lillie resigned due to personal reasons. Mr. Mayfield was moved to Secretary/Treasurer positions while Keith Dorschner was elected as Vice President. The OSCOD expanded its activities.

The names of this organization have changed a few times which were:

1966 - (OSCOD) Ontario Sports Council of Organizations of the Deaf
1970 - (OAAD) Ontario Athletic Association of the Deaf
1974 - (OSSF) Ontario Silent Sports Federation
1982 - (ODSA) Ontario Deaf Sports Association