Our Objectives


1. To promote and facilitate the practice of the amateur sports among the Deaf people in Ontario.

2. To select and train, with the help of local clubs, Deaf athletes who are seemingly capable of participating in national competitions (i.e. the National Deaf Sports Games) which are sponsored by Canadian Deaf Sports Association (CDSA), and also being selected for participating in international competitions (Deaflympic games) which are sponsored by the Comit’e International des Sports des Sourds known as CISS.

3. To encourage the development and affiliation of deaf organizations across Ontario.

4. To raise the participation level in Deaf sports among Adult and Youth Athletes.

5. To develop programs for the youth.

6. To collect membership dues and fund-raising monies to become self-reliant in growing the Athletic Fund account for our future Deaf sport participants within the national and international levels, and to cover the sport insurance and administration costs.

7. To develop more workshops for Deaf individuals in sports.